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A special thanks to Jane Schum McGahee for working with her parents and other family members to provide us with a wonderful entry from the early years. Please read their entry under the Faculty Page

Monty Du Puy, Class of 1947 <> or <>
Greenville, SC, US

So fondly remember Mr. and Mrs. Schum (her red hair) As Godly and gentle people who not only taught academics but Godliness as well. They taught by example; who they were not just by what they said. Memory is a wonderful gift of God. We are so grateful.

All of God's Best for the Schums!

– Signed on Wednesday, May 30, 2001 at 17:16:52 (EDT)

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Jane Schum McGahee, Faculty Kid, 1940s <>
Arabi, GA, USA

My mother and father were teachers at Ben Lippen in the 40's, and I was born there 12/28/44. There are pictures of me in the Challenge 44/45. I worked the conferences in August during the Dr. Fleece days, for several years as a teenager. In the 40's, my grandfather, G. W. Stegall, left Charlotte and lived there for a couple of years, rebuilding Houston Hall, and building several houses.

My sister and brother in law attended CBC, in the missions program, and later while living in Augusta, GA, I got to know Dr. Fortosis and his wife, having Sunday dinner with them often.

So I have many ties with Ben Lippen, though I never attended. I would like to add my parents' names (Henry S. Schum, D. Min. and Mrs. Ruby Stegall Schum) to the faculty list. Please let me know how.

Thank you.

– Signed on Thursday, August 24, 2000 at 17:54:58 (EDT)

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