Becky Dimon's Family Page
For Family and Friends Primarily in Canada and Virginia

On a more personal note, Becky became familiar with online systems in 1983, and met her husband on Compuserve in 1985. Ron Dimon was working as a computer/network consultant for Deloitte, Haskins & Sells in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, when he and Becky "collided" in cyberspace on one of the CB Simulator channels on Compuserve. Becky was known as "Mother Goose." Becky moved to Canada in 1985, where she and Ron lived until 1991, when they moved to Fairfax, Virginia.

They have a son, Harrison, and a daughter, Ruth. An avid ACC Basketball fan, one of Becky's most exciting acquaintances is the former owner of the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team - and magician/author extraordinaire - Mr. Allan Slaight.

She also became a big Blue Jays fan while living in Toronto because one of her best friends had season tickets about 9 rows behind home plate!!

Becky is still a huge Washington Capitals fans! Becky's favorite player is still former Capital, Sergei Gonchar, but her heart also pulls for Chris Simon, former Capital, now with Calgary.

Becky tries to keep her former high school classmates in touch,so she created this guestbook for Ben Lippen School alumni.

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